Woo Hoo! Wednesday!

Welcome back to Woo Hoo! Wednesday for today’s tip!  I had to shoot a short video as my stamp studio is under construction.   New windows, paint, and now new flooring – Woo Hoo!  I hope to have everything put back together by next week.  Here are some of the photos – so exciting!

It takes quite a bit of work to get this whole project done.  We removed the floor this past weekend and then our contractor, Scott, came in to prepare the floor and make sure it was level.  Then, to get the first row in to make sure everything is straight and level – a puzzler for sure.  I can hardly wait until it is done!  Did I mention there is 700 square feet of stamp room?! – Woo Hoo!



I will share more photos when it’s complete – come and join me for some stamping fun at classes, clubs and open houses!

So, on to the video and how to tie a perfect bow so that it doesn’t come apart!

Thanks to Deb Hoekstra, one of my downline members, for the pattern for the ribbon maker.

Need to order a ribbon maker?  I sell them for $8.00 plus shipping.  Just click on “Email Me” in the right sidebar of my blog to request one.  VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards are accepted.

Until next week’s Woo Hoo! Wednesday! – have a great week!


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2 Responses to Woo Hoo! Wednesday!

  1. tamara ekstrom says:

    love my ribbon maker …..

    if i could only remember how to make it each time

    excited to see your new craft room

  2. Joan says:

    Love my bow maker. Tied 50 bows last night in a jiffy. Well worth the minimal investment! I taped the directions to the bottom of the board so they are always there.
    Thanks for sharing! Great video

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