She’s One!

My grandaughter – Taylor – is one year old on Wednesday, November 10th.  Time sure has flown by in the past year!  Taylor celebrated on Saturday with family and got loads of presents and lots of clothes – at least from Granndpa and Grandma Caspers.  I actually went a little nuts!

Here are some pictures of the event – I happen to think she is the most adorable little girl on the planet – LOL!

Here is a picture of the birthday cake: 

And finally, she is all tuckered out – time for a nap!!

Would love to hear your comments – if you think she is adorable as I do!!!!

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  1. Avatar Lorri Anderson says:

    Your granddaughter is adorable and beautiful! She is a very lucky girl to have grandparents like you. I know how much you must miss her. I hope you get to see her soon.

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