Let’s All Bring Birthday’s Back!

Let's all bring birthday's back!  For today's post, I wanted to share a new stamp set that has been released by Stampin' Up! and I LOVE, LOVE this idea by Shannon West at Stampin' Up! Home Office. Click HERE to view her blog post from the Stampin' Up! website.  

On February 29, Sara and Shannon announced that beginning March 1, we'd be offering the much-anticipated #imbringingbirthdaysback Stamp while supplies last. To Stampin' Up!'s surprise, "while supplies last" didn't last very long! 
Sara and Shannon got back together and announced (via Facebook) that not only would we #bringbackthestamp but that Stampin' Up! would bring it back long-term! Beginning Monday, March 7, at 12:00 AM (MT), the #imbringingbirthdaysback Stamp (item 143573) will be available and will become a part of our current stamp offering for the foreseeable future.   To order your stamp, just click HERE to be directed to my 24/7 online store!




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