Christmas Gleaming Stampin’ Up!

Good things come to those who wait! Sorry for the long time away from my blog, but our life was disrupted in July when we were on the Greece trip with Stampin’ Up!. We received an email from our son that our little dog, Harley, was attacked at the boarding facility and was in the hospital in intensive care. Our family made the decision to fly home to access the situation and deal with his care. It was a long and arduous journey back home and sick with worry and tears – buckets and buckets of tears.

Our family arrived home late on Thursday evening and went immediately to the Blue Pearl Hospital in Eden Prairie and found that Harley was awake and waiting for us! It was so wonderful to see him respond and have him happy to see us. We spent some time with him that evening and into the early morning hours and then headed home to rest. We were just leaving on Friday morning to go and see Harley again and then received a crushing phone call from our daughter, Megan (who had traveled with us to Greece) that Harley had just died. We spent a couple of hours with our little Harley just grieving and remembering how wonderful an animal he really was.

But, the trouble didn’t end there, not only did we not have our dog any longer, but we ended up with a $9,000 hospital bill to pay and $1,800 in ticket fee changes to get back home. All of the communication from the kennel said they would pay the bill, but found that was not the case. So, it has been a very difficult time for our family with grief, and then trying to work with the kennel to get our money back. I just haven’t felt like doing much as this situation became all consuming.

Here is our little Harley – isn’t he just the most adorable animal you have ever seen? All of my customers who came to my stamping studio LOVED this little guy – he was always so happy and just LOVED women – lots and lots of women – LOL!


We still miss him dearly, but life has started to move on! So, with that – on to my Woo Hoo! Wednesday video featuring a couple of tips for you today – coloring your ribbon and also the new 3D embossing plate. Enjoy!

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